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The New Brunswick Federation of Labour

Together for a Better New Brunswick

The labour movement is at a crossroads. We are facing unprecedented attacks on our rights to free collective bargaining, to fair wages and working condition. I look forward to working with trade unionists to push back against these attacks and to build a stronger and united labour movement.

Together we will make a difference!

Daniel Légère

President, New Brunswick Federation of Labour


NBFL’s Statement for May Day

NBFL’s Statement for May Day

On May 1st, the New Brunswick Federation of Labour (NBFL) joins unions across Canada and around the world to mark International Workers’ Day. It is a day to celebrate workers and the labour movement. A day to recognize our collective victories and our common...

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2024 Day of Mourning: Safe Work Now!

2024 Day of Mourning: Safe Work Now!

As part of The National Day of Mourning, marked annually across Canada on April 28, workers, families, labour unions and communities are honouring and remembering workers who have lost their lives to a workplace injury or illness. This year’s theme is Safe Work Now!...

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“Ensuring that our youth of today have an understanding of the importance of unions, is just one of the topics we cover at the NBFL Blair Doucet Youth Summer Camp every year. Helping build a strong, well informed future generation.”
Paula Doucet

President, New Brunswick Nurses Union

“All workers deserve to be treated fairly with respect and dignity. Workers deserve to make a decent living, have good health benefits and retirement security. Healthy and happy workers make for healthy and vibrant communities. That’s why it’s important to be affiliated with the NBFL, our central labour body. Together we will make a difference!”

Stephen Drost

President, Canadian Union of Public Employees NB