Canada’s Unions Launch “A Future That Works” Campaign: Good Jobs for a Sustainable Tomorrow

October 10, 2023

Bruske: Workers have the solutions to create good jobs and tackle climate change.

OTTAWA—Canada’s unions are joining forces to launch “A Future That Works,” a worker powered‑ plan to secure the jobs we need to tackle climate change head on and lead the way to a sustainable tomorrow.

“Workers have the solutions and new ideas to tackle climate change. They know what needs to be done to make their jobs sustainable. It’s workers who will make the shift to a sustainable economy possible by creating sustainable energy, upgrading our buildings, bridges, and roads, and developing low-carbon transportation,” said Bea Bruske, President of the Canadian Labour Congress. “Working people are the engine that powers Canada’s economy, with the right tools and opportunities they can tackle climate change head on.”

Workers across Canada are on the front lines of climate change. Farm workers, who are often racialized or without status, are grappling with the impact of floods and droughts on crops, while PSWs, who are disproportionately racialized women, are fighting to stay cool in patients’ homes during heatwaves.

The A Future That Works campaign marks a significant step forward in the pursuit of a sustainable, more equitable future. A key objective of the campaign is to ensure the federal government moves swiftly to pass a robust Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act. Canada’s unions are calling on parliamentarians to give workers a voice in decisions about their futures, with meaningful representation on the Sustainable Jobs Partnership Council. 

We are also calling for strong investments to create low-carbon jobs with the protection of a union card, and pathways into these jobs for women, Indigenous and racialized workers, and those in industries impacted by climate change. Comprehensive training initiatives, Employment Insurance (EI) and other financial assistance are also needed to ensure workers and their communities can remain resilient as Canada tackles climate change.

“Canada’s unions have a significant role in shaping the shift to a sustainable economy. They represent the interests of workers who are directly affected, including in the energy sector. We will be there every step of the way to press for safe work, fair wages and benefits, and social programs that benefit our communities,” Bruske added. “Together, we can create a future that works for all of us.”

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