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NBFL welcomes child care funding announcement

Aug 31, 2017

NBFL welcomes child care funding announcement

The New Brunswick Federation of Labour (NBFL) welcomes the news that the Federal and Provincial governments signed a bilateral child care agreement that will see an additional $71 million invested in early learning and child care over the next three years.

“Having access to quality and affordable child care is an essential service for working parents,” says Patrick Colford, President of the NBFL. “I am pleased to see that increased public investments are a priority for both the Federal and Provincial governments.”

The NBFL has been calling for a publicly funded, not for profit child care system for decades and moving away from the current market-based approach to child care.

“The New Brunswick government has the opportunity to really advance the availability and affordability of programs,” says Shanny Doucet, NBFL Vice-President responsible for Women’s Issues. “We look forward to seeing New Brunswick’s detailed plan to see if the funds will be invested in a way to move us away from the current market-based system.”

In 2015, the NBFL made the following recommendations to the New Brunswick Child Care Sector Task Force:

  • Fund 31,500 child care spaces at the national average level of investment per child care space.
  • Ten per cent of spaces funded at double the level of others, to ensure inclusion of children with additional support needs.
  • Early learning and child care programs should have a democratic oversight. The responsibility for the sector has already transitioned to the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. Regional school board should be responsible for and funded to plan, develop, and govern the delivery of a range of early learning and child care program on their territory.
  • Transition current commercial and non-profit facilities into the public system. Facilities that prefer not to enter the system can continue operating, if they meet licensing requirements, but will not receive public funds.
  • New Brunswick should tie public funding to an imposed maximum fee that facilities can charge parents. As public funding is increased over time, the parental fee will be lowered.
  • Raise Educator’s wages and training requirements.



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