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On June 4th, CBC reporter Robert Jones revealed how NB Premier Higgs lambasted New Brunswick workers, claiming they have “bad work ethics”.

“While talking about the coming post-pandemic economic recovery, Premier Higgs made numerous comments basically saying workers are lazy and that is why they don’t take low-paid jobs,” said Daniel Légère, President of the New Brunswick Federation of Labour.

Among other comments, Premier Higgs revealed stereotypical prejudices on the employment insurance system, making patently false claims that it’s “a way of life” for New Brunswickers.

“His words reminded me of Ex-Prime Minister Harper, who had told Atlantic Canadians were poor because of their “culture of defeatism”,” said Légère. “I am disappointed to see our Premier believes and spreads this nonsense.

The NBFL believes Atlantic Canadians have a reputation for being the hardest working people in the country, and that New Brunswickers are tired of living in a low-wage economy.

“I think the issue is not one of morals, but of material conditions. I question the morals of those who somehow still believe more cuts in our public sector and cheap labour exploitation is the way ahead,” said Légère.

“The fact of the matter is, NB will work hard if they are treated with respect and can make a dignified income.”


The New Brunswick Federation Labour is the largest central labour body in the province of New Brunswick. It represents 35,000 unionized workers in both the public and private sectors.

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