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News Releases

NBFL December 6 Statement

2018 marks the 29th anniversary of the December 6, 1989 Ecole Polythechnique massacre where 14 young women lost their lives simply because they were women. Each year, on December 6, we take a moment to mourn these 14 young women and all women and girls who were killed...

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Labour Day Message from the NBFL

It is my pleasure on behalf of the New Brunswick Federation of Labour, and our 35,000 affiliates, to wish all New Brunswickers a Happy Labour Day! I also wanted to take this opportunity to offer my sincere thanks to all New Brunswick workers who devote their time,...

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NBFL’s Statement for International Worker’s Day

The New Brunswick Federation of Labour, is pleased to mark May 1st, International Worker’s Day. May Day is recognized around the world. It traces its origins to the mid 1880s when a movement of workers protested to get an eight-hour workday. At that time, most people...

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