NBFL Denounces Proposed Changes to Industrial Relations Act

November 28, 2022

The New Brunswick Federation of Labour (NBFL) denounces the changes introduced by Labour Minister Trevor Holder in Bill 23. The Bill proposes several changes to the Public Services Labour Relations Act.

“This bill includes several fundamental changes to labour relations in the province, unfairly skewing labour dynamics in favour of the employer,” says Daniel Legere, NBFL President. “I was surprised by Bill 23 as no stakeholder engagement with workers took place before the proposed changes were introduced in the Legislative Assembly.”

Several clauses in the Bill 23 are problematic. The NBFL is particularly worried about it allowing for the use of scab labour in the event of a strike or lockout. The bill also restricts the criteria that an arbitrator can use in making an award in binding arbitration.

“Let’s be clear. This Bill will infringe on workers’ fundamental rights. Public sector workers are already stretched too thin, given the recruitment and retention crisis in the province,” adds Legere. “Rather than fix this problem, the proposed changes to labour relations in the province will have the opposite effect. It will lead to labour unrest and will divide workplaces, families and communities.”


For information, please contact:

Daniel Legere
President, New Brunswick Federation of Labour
(506) 857-2125 or (506) 381-8969

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