NBFL joins in calling for a Public Inquiry into Travel Nursing Contracts

July 8, 2024

The New Brunswick Federation of Labour joins its voice to other organizations calling for a public inquiry into the travel nursing contracts. The New Brunswick Government’s Public Accounts legislative committee and the New Brunswick Nurses Union are also calling for a public inquiry.

The recent Auditor General’s report shed some troubling light onto these contracts. It found inadequacies, mismanagement and a lack of cooperation from the Vitalité Health Authority in providing the mandated documents. It also found that these contracts were not good value for money.

“New Brunswickers deserve to know what went wrong with the private, for-profit nursing contracts and why,” says Daniel Legere, President of the New Brunswick Federation of Labour. “The hundreds of millions of dollars spend on these for-profit providers would have been better spent on recruiting and retaining full time nurses in the provinces. New Brunswick nurses are the lowest paid in the country.”

Only the provincial government has the authority to put in place a public inquiry. It would be conducted by an independent and impartial commission. The commission would have the authority to call witnesses who would testify under oath. This investigation would lead to finding all of the facts to make sure that those responsible for these failures are held accountable.

“A public inquiry will go a long way in restoring public trust in our health care and polictical systems,” adds Legere. “It will also show New Brunswick’s commitment to addressing the issues head on as we rebuild a health care system that works for everyone.”


For information, contact:
Daniel Legere, New Brunswick Federation of Labour President
(506) 857-2125 / (506) 381-8969

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