Calling on NB MLAs to follow leadership of Federal MPs and unanimously adopt anti-scab legislation

May 31, 2024

New Brunswick Federation of Labour (NBFL) congratulates the NB Green Party for brining forward anti-scab legislation, Bill 48, in the Legislative Assembly today. The labour movement has long fought for anti-scab legislation, recognizing its crucial role in protecting workers and their right to strike.

Earlier this week, Federal Members of Parliament unanimously adopted anti-scab legislation that applies to federally regulated workplaces.

“My message to the Liberal and Conservative Members of the Legislative Assembly is clear,” says Daniel Legere, President of the NBFL. “Pass Bill 48 without undue delays. It is long overdue. The future of workers and the integrity of our labour system depend on it.”

Scabs, sometimes called “replacement” workers, are brought in during a lockout or strike to take regular workers’ jobs. The employers’ use of scab labour—pitting desperate workers against each other— undermines workers’ right to strike, intensifies labour disputes and escalates hostility at the picket lines – threatening the safety of these workers and their communities.

Quebec has had an anti-scab law for over 45 years and British Columbia for 30 years. These longstanding laws, and the unanimously adopted federal anti-scab bill, will shorten labour stoppages. They will also reduce the damaging effects scabs have on inflaming disputes and bring back fairness at the bargaining table.

More and more private and public sector workers are turning to their unions to stand up and demand better. From employers and from governments.

“Workers know that walking the picket line is not easy. And the threat of scabs being present is very real. That amplifies the stress workers face when making decisions for themselves, their families and their communities. That’s why, adopting anti-scab legislation in New Brunswick is critical,” added Legere.

Workers in New Brunswick deserve to have their constitutional right to bargain and to strike protected, without the persistent menace of the use of scabs that would prolong work stoppages and incite drawn-out and destructive conflicts.

For information, please call:

Daniel Legere
NBFL President
(506) 381-8969 (cell)
(506) 857-2125

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