Labour Day: Unions make a difference in workers’ lives

August 31, 2022

Unions improve the working conditions for their members. They also work on behalf of all workers, including workers who are not yet members of a union. Some programs introduced because of labour action include minimum wage, overtime and vacation pay and workplace safety standards.

“We are in the midst of an affordability crisis and workers are the solution,” says Daniel Legere, President of the New Brunswick Federation of Labour. “It’s up to us to come together in solidarity and demand better from our decision-makers. Corporate greed has driven our economy for far too long. Worker power is the way forward, and it starts with strong organizing and strong unions.”

The pandemic has renewed workers’ resolve, pushing them to demand better pay, improved working conditions and benefits. Unions are building on this momentum by encouraging workers to unionize and stand up to their employers with one strong, collective voice.

“Labour Day is an opportunity for us to be together in celebration, but also to discuss the things that matter most to workers,” adds Legere. “Together we must continue to fight for flexible working conditions, quality child care that is both affordable and accessible and enhancing social programs.”


For additional information, please contact:

Daniel Legere,
NBFL President
(506) 857-2125 / (506) 381-8969

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